Meet the People of Deals - Joe Martinez

23 March, 2018

As Major League Baseball kicks off the regular season today, it’s a good time to spotlight our very own Joe Martinez, a senior associate within the PwC Deals team who brings his unique leadership experience following his storied career as a professional baseball player. As part of the Deals team that advises companies and private equity firms on M&A, Joe helps clients identify key business drivers and opportunities to deliver deal value quickly and efficiently.


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A full house

Joe was born and raised in New Jersey, where he currently lives with his wife and 2 young sons. They like to stay active and spend summers with family in North Carolina on the beach surfing, fishing and catching crabs on the dock. “I think it’s important to be intentional with your time. When I’m at home, I make sure I’m present and that I make the most out of the time I have with my family. I love to play golf and I can obsess over something like that, but the reality is I don’t have four hours to take away from my family. I travel a lot for work, and I’m lucky to have a lot of support at home.” Joe is planning to one day take a family vacation to Spain, where his grandmother is from and where his parents visit often: “Next chance we hope to get the boys there.”

Carving his own path

Joe came to PwC after a 10-year career playing baseball for the San Francisco Giants, a job where he learned some of his most important lessons in teamwork and leadership: “The best teams are those that realize there are times when individuals need to take care of their own work and responsibilities while helping everyone else on the team.” After playing a few years in the minor leagues, Joe advanced to the major leagues. It was a tough climb, he recalls, but the journey taught him resilience and hard work in unexpected ways. “You deal with a lot of disappointments, a lot of setbacks and a lot of people telling you you’re not good enough. I learned how to channel that into something where I can use it to be productive and improve. It has served me well at this point.”

A surprising (and not so surprising) second act

In a way, Joe accidentally fell into consulting. After leaving professional baseball, he wanted to build on his bachelor’s degree in management from Boston College and transition to another career: “I always thought I would eventually work in business in some way.” Joe is analytical and intellectually curious; his strength is problem solving: “I didn’t even really know what kind of career I was looking for until I described it to a friend from college who was at PwC. He said, ‘That’s what I do.’”

He may no longer hit home runs on the field, but Joe certainly hits them out of the park in many other ways.