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Workforce Inside: Insights from the 2021 Global Hopes and Fears Survey

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April 02, 2021

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In February, PwC commissioned one of the largest global surveys of workers. People revealed a mostly optimistic story, but one with some concerning undercurrents. Workers reported feeling excited or confident about the future. In this episode, we discuss the issues surrounding the digital divide and how leaders can ensure inclusive upskilling and reskilling in their post-pandemic business. To gain more insights from the findings check out: PwC's Hopes & Fears Survey 2021.


02:40 - Mike and Alex share their reflections on the global data at a high level

03:47 - Workers reported feeling excited or confident about the future, and we discuss the differences across countries. 

06:15 -  People are concerned about job security and worried that automation is putting many jobs at risk, however we discuss there is positivity around technology around the world and workers are keen to upskill. 

11:26 - Alex and Mike discuss how companies can get people comfortable with being a continuous learner and adaptive learner, and considerations for leaders today.

13:04 - The pandemic illuminated racial inequities and social tensions around the world with 50% of workers reported having been held back by discrimination at work.It also reversed progress toward gender equality, as many more women than men have left the labour market over the past year.

16:07 - A large majority of people want a job with a sense of purpose, 75% of respondents say they want to work for an organization that will make a positive contribution to society. However, when we looked at the data and we asked what factors are most important, we saw that young people chose to maximize today's income ahead of purpose.

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