Business and technology fusion

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The C-suite faces relentless pressure from shareholders to pick up the pace of product rollouts, pivot to adapt to ever shifting market changes and expand globally. Business and IT leaders must sync their strategies to achieve the speed and agility required to meet these expectations and at the same time remain focused on the cost effectiveness of IT initiatives.

It can be challenging to bridge gaps between business units and the IT department and to unite them around a shared vision that powers the business. In other words, corporations must fuse business and technology.

PwC is uniquely positioned to facilitate the conversations that fuel the new partnerships, mindsets and governance models that are needed so that business and IT strategic planning can co-exist. Our business and technology expertise spans industries, disciplines and all types of technology. We understand how to address market pressures, leverage core and emerging technologies and align employee talent to seize business opportunities and to solve problems. Our solutions are custom designed to transform your business and drive distance between you and your competition.


PwC helps its clients with:

Technology Strategy

Scope your business objectives over a multi-year span and determine how information technology can drive your goals.

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Technology Operating Model Design

Help re-design your technology operating model including solution and software lifecycle processes, management and governance operating model and processes, career path and skills design, and sourcing strategy to support your business's unique needs. Develop strategies to fill gaps and plan for the future.

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Technology Innovation ideation and prototyping

Develop a framework and process to identify, prioritize and plan for technology breakthrough ideas and prototypes and evaluate business relevance and market impact. Cultivate the culture and capabilities that can enable you to achieve continuous innovation.

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Technology Investment and Business Case Planning

Build the business case for a technology strategy, create cost models and outline the expected benefits.

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Enterprise Architecture Blueprint Design

Create a business-driven technology "city plan" that maps out the processes, metrics, applications, information, integration, infrastructure and security components needed to deliver a business vision.

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IT Function Assessment and Strategy

Conduct assessments of the organization’s IT capabilities including business alignment, investment portfolio planning, annual budgeting, total cost of ownership analysis, solution and software lifecycle processes, management and governance operating model and processes, IT value measurement and reporting, IT organization, career path and skills design, and enterprise architecture capability assessment and planning. Develop strategies to fill gaps and plan for the future.

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Enterprise Architecture Capability Planning

PwC can help design and launch a new Office of the Architect or just individual architecture services like strategic planning, reference architecture development or architecture governance. Or, if more appropriate we can help evaluate current capabilities, recommend focus areas for improvement and help devise a plan for filling any gaps that may exist.

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