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Emerging technologies have become a critical factor of our most successful clients’ strategic portfolios, providing large opportunities in business growth, performance, and game-changing disruption. But of the myriad technologies and trends emerging today, which will have the biggest impact on tomorrow’s businesses? Which have the biggest potential to improve how people live and work? More importantly, which matter most to your business?

PwC helps answer these questions, quickly enabling you to build a business case for investing more deeply in the technologies that will truly make a difference to your business.

Who we are

Our technologists blend technical experience in product development, rapid prototyping, and user experience design with business perspectives from organizations, sectors, and industry. We foster an open and creative work environment conducive to growing people and incubating ideas. Our belief is that clients can achieve their goals through rapid iteration, experimentation, and prototyping while maintaining organizational focus to apply past lessons to future endeavors.

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What we do

PwC’s Emerging Technology Lab develops functional prototypes to demonstrate the potential of emerging technologies. We deliver innovative, technology-based solutions to real-world business problems, focusing not only on the novel and interesting uses for leading-edge technologies, but also maintaining practical focus on how organizations can understand, plan, and adopt new solutions. Our research, lessons, and prototypes ensure decision-makers can respond to the difficult questions on innovating and reimagining business.

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How we can help

With our deep industry experience and knowledge of today’s technology landscape, PwC’s Emerging Technology Lab helps you:

  • Understand the capabilities and limitations of emerging technologies across your value chain

  • Leverage rapid prototyping techniques to quickly test new ideas in order to make more informed investment decisions

  • Develop an internal rapid prototyping and innovation capability

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Sample work


SmartCooler: Microcomputing and Embedded Sensors
An international beverage company was looking to capture more accurate compliance and activity metrics for their fleet of branded beverage coolers. PwC developed a “Smartcooler” prototype that addressed key business issues with embedded sensors. This IoT retail innovation demonstrates how a connected network of sensors and their outputs can enable preventative maintenance, operational efficiency, and remote monitoring of environmental data.


Emerging technology radar

Emerging Tech Radar: Graph Analytics and NLP
It's not enough anymore to evaluate emerging technologies based on the perspectives of a few smart people. Given the pace of change and broad sources of innovation, PwC invented a big data analytics tool to help us uncover new technologies and innovation based on publicly-available data. We use this to help our clients analyze and prioritize the emerging tech investments most relevant to their business.


Game of Threats™: Gamification and Interactive Applications
A security team wanted to explore inventive ways to train employees on how to prepare, respond and remediate a cyber attack. PwC leveraged emerging concepts in game design to build Game of Threats™, a head-to-head, digital card-based game that simulates the experience of a breach. The prototype demonstrated the significance of the method and medium in communicating ideas and maintaining user engagement.


AI-powered: Omnichannel virtual assistant and conversation interface manager

AI-powered: Omnichannel virtual assistant and conversation interface manager
Conversational AI and deep learning specialists in the Lab are developing a virtual personal assistant powered by AI to help humans be more efficient. The bot helps people save time on routine tasks and increase productivity by handling and automating administrative tasks, such as travel, research, expenses, and more.

VR Biometrics: Measuring biophysical responses to VR experiences

VR Biometrics: Measuring biophysical responses to VR experiences
AR/VR specialists in the Lab have created a dashboard that combines biometric responses, motion, and video to gain insight into users' emotional state in VR experiences. These data sources are fed into a central dashboard to track a users' response as they are participating in a VR experience. These metrics can help VR content creators optimize the impact of their work.

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