Big Data: A new way to think about data – and a new way of doing business

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Think big

Big Data is about much more than data. It represents a new way of doing business – one that is driven by data-based decision-making. Leveraging Big Data capabilities, large volumes of varied sources of data – both internal and from third-parties – can deliver “intelligence at the moment” - insight and intelligence derived from fast moving data sets can help inform split second strategy decisions, spur innovation, inspire new products, enhance customer relationships, uncover fraud, bolster operations and build competitive advantage.

Digital IQ Snapshot: Breaking through Big Data’s barriers

According to PwC’s 5th Annual Digital IQ survey of more than 1,100 business and technology executives, 41% of respondents are concerned about Big Data overload. The survey identified four barriers companies often confront in using Big Data to move from data to insight.

Intelligence at the moment

PwC helps you design Big Data pilots that inform and enable your strategy and investments in order to quickly address tangible business issues and opportunities. Our approach to Big Data combines our perspectives across IT strategyinformation management and analytics. Discover how Big Data can help you achieve "intelligence at the moment" to help you take decisive action when opportunities or risks arise.

Learn how to capture, interpret and apply Big Data

PwC shows your company how to establish Big Data processes that boost innovation, yield prompt business solutions and provide the timely foresight needed to capitalize on opportunity. Learn how Big Data pinpoints practicable third-party data, as well as how to develop your infrastructure, data provisioning and analytics in order to create pilots that explore how Big Data can benefit your company.

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Develop strategies to capture Big Data advantage

PwC helps your company develop a road map to identify the capability and architecture modifications you need in order to fully realize the Big Data advantage. Create a cohesive information strategy that supports both traditional and Big Data business intelligence demands, and control Big Data risks with new risk and governance structures, processes and protocols.

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Design and construct sustainable Big Data solutions

PwC provides your company with the data provisioning and analytics resources needed to help build a sound Big Data infrastructure that explores a range of applications. Design a Big Data platform architecture, draft a blueprint for competitive vendor and tool selection, integrate new data sources into your company and foster creativity with an innovation data warehouse.

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