Supply chain resilience

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Supply chains today are complex and global, and for many are regularly disrupted, often opaque and increasingly regulated. Coupled with the megatrends of accelerating urbanization, resource scarcity and the breathtaking pace of technology proliferation, supply chains continue to rapidly evolve and transform. Yet, the majority of companies do not regularly assess the resilience of their supply chain:

  • 90%* do not know if key suppliers have business continuity plans
  • 75%* experience at least one major supply chain disruption a year
  • 42%* experience a major disruption below tier 1

Increasing resilience and preventing the cost and revenue impacts of these disruptions affects the entire spectrum of supply chain risks – product, supplier, network and environmental – as well as demand chain and back office technology. It requires a new approach – adopting a scenario focus to identify and manage the challenges and opportunities that encompass external events and internal lapses.

It’s not just playing defense — it’s also about playing offense — finding competitive advantage by shaping a supply chain resilience strategy focused on sustained performance that remains agile and fundamentally operations-focused. It’s about balance.

Companies that focus on supply chain resilience cohesively react to adverse events faster than the competition to take market share and outperform, resulting in an average 7%** higher stock performance. A resilient supply chain is a competitive advantage, reduces customer perception of assumed risks and moves companies from simple risk management to risk resilient growth.

PwC assists companies with supply chain resilience services, including:

  • Supply chain resilience strategy, organization and management
  • Multi-tier supplier risk and resilience
  • Source to finished product integrity
  • Node and route network resilience
  • Supply chain finance
  • Supply chain disruption/continuity analytics

* Business Continuity Institute 2013
** World Economic Forum / PwC analysis

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