Financial risk management: Liquidity risk

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The inability to meet short-term financial demands creates serious business disruptions that can have lasting negative consequences. Companies with an effective strategy to anticipate and manage risk are more likely to avoid costly funding shortfalls and fractured relationships with vendors and creditors.

A thorough risk analysis and development of related strategies can help companies address contingencies that can contribute to liquidity risk.

We can help you:

  • Maintain an optimal level of liquidity to fund operations
  • Achieve lower cost of capital while providing fund liquidity when required
  • Develop and maintain the ideal capital structure to support your business plan
  • Achieve real-time visibility into your liquidity position across multiple banks in a single platform
  • Manage liquidity decisions with reliable short-term cash flow forecasting
  • Structure bank accounts to efficiently support business activity and facilitate straight-through processing, accounting and reconciliation of transactions
  • Evaluate banking products and services and choose the solutions to support commercial and financial transactions
  • Process payments securely with minimal cost and straight-through processing
  • Balance quick cash collection with business development needs

To learn how PwC can assist your company to achieve its risk advantage, please visit our US Risk Consulting website.

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