PwC-Book: Strategic Enterprise Architecture Management

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Hundreds of books, white papers, and articles deal with Enterprise Architectures (EA). They address important questions and create inspiring views, some of which are referenced in this book. But they are unlikely to answer business people’s or executives’ questions about enterprise architecture management (EAM). The current documented body of knowledge in this domain focuses on engineering techniques such as modelling, patterns, reference architectures, tools, repositories and so on. But if we want to unleash EA’s benefits, we need to better understand its management context; in other words, we need to value EAM as a top management topic.

We visited organizations of various sizes from different industries and countries. We wanted to see how they manage their enterprise architecture. We talked to people in business and technology departments, to C-level managers, project managers and enterprise architects. We sought out their best practices, lessons learnt, dos, and don’ts. In the process, we found that the EA challenges that businesses face have little to do with methodology or modelling. However, significant competitive advantage can be achieved:

  • where the IT/IS landscape is consistent with the business strategy,
  • if existing capabilities are re-used and developed in a goal-oriented way,
  • when holistic thinking aligns business requirements and technology, and
  • as soon as change-related management practices use a shared model to describe a future state.

This is where this book has a role to play: It describes how businesses can exploit EAM’s full potential. The book deals with EAM from a non-technical, business-related perspective, and explores EAM’s capacities by discussing its success components, chapter by chapter. We address the executives and decision-makers responsible for introducing or developing EAM. This book can serve as either reading matter or as a reference.

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Meet Glen Hobbs, contributing author of Strategic Enterprise Architecture Management

Glen Hobbs has over 20 years of experience in technology leadership positions spanning the telecommunications, insurance, pharmaceutical and technology sectors, including responsibilities as a Systems Engineer, CTO, CIO and business owner. He has deep experience with composite application development, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), XML-based solutions, enterprise architecture, technology planning and alignment, software development techniques, lifecycles and methodologies, and project management.

He currently is a leader of the Enterprise Architecture global community within PricewaterhouseCoopers. Mr. Hobbs is based in Atlanta.

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