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What do TMT customers think about deals?

TMT insights from our M&A consumer survey

Consumers see the positives

The current TMT landscape is digital and personal, constructed by each individual and delivered through personal devices.

In response, companies are reshaping business models to reach billions of individuals, often necessitating M&A.

When a TMT company makes a deal, tech capabilities improve, as do products and services. That’s what consumers told us in PwC’s global survey of consumer attitudes toward mergers and acquisitions.

Consumers see the positives

Deals benefit companies more than customers

Despite overall confidence in deals, trust in the combined entity can be more elusive.­ More than 70% of consumers told us they would be skeptical if a TMT company they trusted combined with one they didn’t trust.

TMT consumers are also largely skeptical about who a deal actually benefits. As a whole, respondents were more likely to say that M&As are a positive influence on the companies involved and their shareholders, as compared to its employees and customers—meaning, they feel that deals benefit the company more than them.

Deals benefit companies more than customers
M&A usually makes things better, not worse

M&A usually makes things better, not worse

The good news? Less than 50% of respondents said they would take their business elsewhere. In fact, almost 70% of tech customers said deals are positive overall, along with 57% of telecom customers and 56% of media customers.

What do TMT customers look for?

More than 80% of survey respondents told us a successful merger needs to “deliver on its promises to innovate for the benefit of customers.”

Nearly two-thirds of survey respondents told us that in a successful merger, the new entity needs to “use customer data to improve and personalize offerings.”

More than 75% of survey respondents told us they want updates on progress and length of integration, as this telecom company provided. 

Ready to make a deal?

Keeping customers happy in times of change can be challenging, but it's also vital for long-term success. A company engaging in a merger or acquisition can take the appropriate steps to help realize the overall consumer benefits of the deal; for example, diversification of offerings, increased innovation and expansion of tech capabilities. ­

PwC has identified seven critical success factors to TMT deals that can help deliver on anticipated consumer value; factors that require well-thought-out strategies to implement. These strategies are particularly relevant to the kinds of cross-sector deals that characterize the sector during a time of consolidation, expansion of portfolio and capabilities and innovation.

Companies that follow this playbook are more likely to deliver value that exceeds expectations for all stakeholders, including their customers. Even in a recession.

Ready to make a deal?

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