Always connected: US-based Hispanic consumers dominate mobile, entertainment, and beyond

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Currently 55-million strong and expected to reach one-third of our population by 2060, US Hispanic consumers represent a highly sought-after—and growing—market of buyers and influencers.

To succeed, marketers as well as companies who create and distribute media and advertising content must understand Hispanic consumers to better engage them. But why?

US Hispanics represent a growing market of media hungry, social influencers with spending power that continues to multiply.

Understanding how to target this market has caused confusion over the years. PwC continues to better understand Hispanic consumers to help you speak to them individually, authentically, with purpose.

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Mobile-first consumers

Hispanic consumers represent a mobile-first community with engagement levels that far exceed those of the population at large. They are using their phones more often, for more reasons—most notably, to stream content. 

PwC analyzed Hispanic consumers across generations and noted important differentiating factors impacting thoughts, desires, and behavior.
In the case of video streaming, however, language preference is consistent across the board—Hispanic consumers are watching video bilingually.


"In order to reach American youth, brands need to start by speaking to young Latinos."

Charlie Echeverry,
CRO of mitú



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