PwC's Innovation Benchmark

How do you measure up?

Are you more innovative than your competition?

Innovation is a major part of the competitive equation for 21st century business. The capacity to create value through the development of new customer experiences, products, services, technologies, processes and business and delivery models is one of the keys to profitability, growth and survival.

PwC and Strategy& invite you to participate in PwC's Innovation Benchmark service, a unique complimentary offer to uncover strategic innovation trends that impact your business and quantify performance improvement opportunities for your innovation engines.

Check out the findings from the recently released report on PwC's Innovation Benchmark, "Reinventing innovation: Five findings to guide strategy through execution."

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How do you measure up?  Find out now by completing PwC's Innovation Benchmark.

Who should participate?

Business Unit Leaders and Senior Executives responsible for innovation strategies and innovation management to transform company products, services and business models.


As a participant, you will receive a copy of the global study and a complimentary report of how your organization compares to others through PwC’s secure reporting portal. For participants completing the operational benchmarks (e.g., Research and Development), quantified improvement results will show how you measure up against similar organizations - these are also complimentary. Individual responses will be kept strictly confidential.

How does it work?

It starts with a 15-minute Strategic Indicators survey designed to gauge the overall strength and strategic value of innovation in companies worldwide. You can choose to go further to measure your operational performance across any of the key areas such as Research and Development (R&D), R&D Tax Incentives, Corporate Venture Capital, Open Innovation, Incubation and Product Lifecycle Management.

Want to participate?

The survey is open now. If you would like to register to receive the survey click the button below. Results will be available in early 2017.

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Go beyond with operational innovation benchmarks

In addition to innovation strategy, PwC's Innovation Benchmark will also identify improvement opportunities across the operational areas shown below.  Participants can complete any topic that is relevant to their business.

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