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Take cloud to a new level.

Our combined expertise in business, technology, risk and controls helps power insights into how the cloud can transform your business.

Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Set on a vision and plan for transforming your business with cloud-based platforms

How will you:

  • Enable growth, innovation and agility that cloud provides to secure your right to win?
  • Align your cloud capabilities with strategic goals
  • Ensure your organization is ready to operate in cloud?
  • Select the right combination of technologies that will drive your enterprise strategy?
  • Measure the benefits of moving into cloud and optimize your operations around them?

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Cloud Acceleration Office

Increase the velocity of your cloud transformation journey

Do you have:

  • The capabilities to finish cloud migrations on time and on budget?
  • An effective change management model for improving cloud adoption across the organization?
  • Buy-in from key decision makers across the organization?
  • An efficient way of realizing the benefits that cloud promises?

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Operating Model Transformation

Elevate your organizational capabilities to thrive in the cloud

Do you have:

  • The right operating model and talent for cloud excellence?
  • Your organizational capabilities and skills aligned to adopt and support cloud first strategy?
  • A governance model and operation processes ready for cloud?
  • A cloud-first organizational culture?

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Cloud Platform Engineering

Engineer an elastic, secure and resilient cloud foundation

How will you:

  • Empower your organization to understand the wide array of cloud services and select the appropriate ones for your company?
  • Establish common cloud services in a multi-cloud environment?
  • Enable data platforms to launch advanced applications and analytics capabilities (e.g. AI/ML)?
  • Protect access to your cloud capabilities?

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Migration Factory

De-risk and streamline moving your workloads to the cloud

Do you have:

  • A consistent, repeatable and automated processes for cloud onboarding, migration and early life support?
  • A cloud disposition strategy across applications?
  • The proper tools to initiate an ecosystem-wide application migration?
  • Metrics a governance structure in place to make the migration process optimal?

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Trust Creation

Evolve your internal controls to manage cloud risks

How do you:

  • Ensure my Cloud environments are sufficiently secure and compliant?
  • Prepare for implementation risks and compliance considerations that are new with cloud
  • Ensure my cloud partners and vendors are compliant with the evolving security and regulatory considerations?
  • Empower my organization to be aware of security and compliance considerations and establish an effective governance?

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