Secure Terrain: Uncover critical blind spots

Empowering organizations to withstand disruptive events

Why Secure Terrain?

PwC’s Secure Terrain platform is a cloud-based technology solution that provides an integrated view of your business & IT operations and reveals potential risks so your business can withstand any disruptive event - physical, cyber, or operational.

Secure Terrain was born out of PwC’s extensive global experience responding to incidents and collaborating with customers operating in an increasingly digital world to understand their pain points. Dynamically mapping critical business functions, processes, and systems, Secure Terrain enables you to zero in on critical dependencies and risks, so you can make informed decisions quickly.


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“When risk is inevitable, resilience is everything.”

PwC, The Global State of Information Security® Survey, 2018

Secure Terrain helps you focus on what matters

Resilience starts with revealing critical blind spots so your organization remains operational - before, during, and after any disruptive event. Empower your team with Secure Terrain:

Evergreen platform
Evergreen inventory

Near real-time, aggregated database of your business and IT environment - continually pulling diverse data sets for the latest view. Available anytime, all in one place.

Dynamic mapping
Dynamic mapping

Maps critical relationships across your business and IT environment to uncover interdependencies and better understand risk exposure.

Global expertise within reach
Global expertise within reach

Feel confident in your resilience posture by accessing our seasoned consultants with risk, regulatory compliance, and incidence response experience across 40+ countries.

3rd-party integrations
3rd-party integrations

Streamline workflows through 3rd-party integrations. Connect to relevant, up-to-date data and pull data in and out from the platform.

Role-based dashboards
Role-based dashboards

Get actionable insights using our easy-to-consume dashboards. Accessible by anyone in the organization, to make informed decisions quickly.

Easy-to-use workspaces
Easy-to-use workspaces

Create custom workspaces to deep dive on critical dependencies and systems. Take decisive action rapidly by zeroing in on potential risk areas.


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