For pharma and life sciences, data drives fast growth as security incidents slow it down

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August 2018

Key findings from The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2018

Pharmaceuticals and life sciences organizations face rapidly shifting market conditions that will test their ability to safeguard the security and privacy of sensitive personal data, intellectual property and shared information in the coming year. 

At the same time, multinational pharma and life sciences companies will need to grapple with regulatory reforms and increased scrutiny across multiple geographic regions. Further, as connected health initiatives proliferate and the volume of digital health data multiplies, it will become increasingly complex to navigate risks associated with cybersecurity and data safety.

Pharmaceuticals and life sciences GSISS at a glance

What steps should pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations take to strengthen their cybersecurity and privacy program?

1. Recommit to data-privacy policies. As more sensitive personal data is generated and shared, and the use of connected medical devices increases, organizations will need to rethink their data-privacy programs.

2. Create an information-sharing program. A top challenge among pharmaceuticals and life sciences organizations is the need to securely share sensitive information with researchers, physicians, business partners and patients.

3. Prepare for the Internet of Things. As the number of connected devices proliferates, it’s critical that organizations establish a security and privacy strategy for the IoT.

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