The cost of a data breach

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November 2016

The true cost of a data breach may be far greater than what is immediately visible. If the breach affects regulated data, the organization is obliged to disclose it. But what may be far more costly are breaches that do not require disclosure. In this infographic, learn about the true cost of a data breach to your organization, even if you are not required to share the news of the breach. Your organization may face hits to its share price, the loss of market or trade secrets, and cost of replacing top executives, just for starters. And with any breach, public or not, there are expenditures around crisis communications and potential lawsuits.

Bottom line? Long-term, the cost of improving your organization's cybersecurity and privacy practices may seem small in comparison to the major costs associated with a data breach.

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Emily Stapf

Emily Stapf

Cybersecurity, Privacy & Forensics Integrated Solutions Leader, PwC US

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