Business benefits of cloud security: making data more secure and more powerful

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August 2016

Despite the pervasiveness of the cloud, concerns linger over whether sensitive data will be secure when stored off-premises on servers managed by someone else. But the cloud can be a more secure way of storing and transferring data, with cloud cybersecurity tools enabling companies to better understand their entire business environment. In effect, the cloud can make your data more secure and more powerful.

Using the cloud can mean faster recovery, safer information sharing, and sophisticated detection of anomalies. There are still some hurdles to be considered -- such as issues around data ownership, data residency, data location and change management. But overall, the cloud offers clear cybersecurity and business benefits. Read on to find out more about the benefits and how to handle the hurdles.

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Jay Cline

Jay Cline

US Privacy Leader, Principal, PwC US

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