Data trust

Maximizing the value of data in a secure and ethical way

Data is multiplying at a mind-boggling rate and driving market opportunities and economic growth in unprecedented ways. To stay competitive, companies need to unlock the full value of data while also focusing on its secure and ethical use. Decision makers and automated systems driving decisions need data to be organized and trustworthy in order to deliver outcomes and meet market expectations.

Enhancing trust while turning data into value

Without clear guidance, case law or regulations, some companies have forged ahead in data use, and have dealt with the consequences afterwards. Laws and regulatory guidance are changing rapidly, requiring fresh attention to emerging data policies. It’s clear that traditional approaches to data and information governance need an upgrade. Organizations must foster not just accurate data but a commitment to data trust.

This brings complex questions:

  • How can organizations think and act to create a strategic, robust data roadmap and management of these risks?
  • What organizational and structural changes may be required to effectively support risk management, enable data use, properly secure data, continue compliance with legal and regulatory obligations across geographies and enable effective internal decision-making?
  • How can companies sustain data-driven innovation against a backdrop of evolving public policy and complex cross-border legal challenges, as well as evolving market expectations?
  • How effective is our data protection approach, and are our data assets trustworthy and resilient to misuse?

The answers require knowledge in data science, data governance, data technology, algorithmic analytics, public policy, cybersecurity and business strategy. Trusted data leaders also need the ability to apply risk management principles and understand an evolving and complex legal and regulatory landscape. 

It’s a high bar -- and the landscape will continue to evolve. But PwC can help execute these strategies to position companies to manage the current risks and become more agile for the future.

Visual summary: Why data trust is a priority in 2019.

Value from data


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PwC’s Data Use webcast series

Our data use webcast series explores the data trust challenge in live webcast conversations among PwC professionals and specialized industry experts. Replays are available for each part, below.

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Part III: How organizations use data responsibly in the current compliance landscape.

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