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Fraud mitigation

Emerging trends in fraud mitigation

Customer identity verification

Fraudsters have numerous mechanisms to forge traditional identification methods such as government identification and credit bureaus.

Identity verification points from multiple sources
Multipoint verification capabilities can enable you to know your customer and to provide a secure, unified and compelling customer experience across multiple channels.


Legacy solutions are not fit for purpose

Existing solutions rely on branch and call center interactions, and are not optimized for mobile.

Create a 360 degree view
By correlating all available customer identity information on an entity, organizations can position themselves to more effectively detect account takeover across access channels.

Synthetic identities

Synthetic identities are quickly emerging as a top threat in the commission of fraud.

Formation of consortiums
Synthetic identities are rarely used only once. Sharing of information across the industry can identify known synthetic IDs and prevent future abuse.

Manual processes are reaching their limit

Existing manual verification processes simply do not scale to the level required in today’s digital world.

Design scalable identity systems
New solutions allow verification to be handled in advance through a streamlined online and mobile process; enhancing customer experience while reducing the institution’s operational burden.


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