COVID-19 Update: What's next in cyber?

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CISO conversations from the Cyber & Privacy Innovation Institute


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In this podcast, we gather some real-time feedback on the new normal.  Hear from our subject matter specialists as they share their views on enabling a rapid transition, their approach to cybersecurity, and recommendations for the path forward.


  • Sean Joyce, Global & US Cybersecurity & Privacy Leader
  • James Shira, Chief Information Technology Officer


  • Joe Nocera, Cyber & Privacy Innovation Institute Leader

Duration: 19:10

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Joseph Nocera

Joseph Nocera

Cyber & Privacy Innovation Institute Leader, PwC US

Sean  Joyce

Sean Joyce

Global and US Cybersecurity, Privacy & Forensics Leader, PwC US

James Shira

James Shira

US and Global Chief Information and Technology Officer, PwC US

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