Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2018: US Perspectives

The results of this year’s Survey are dramatic: both US and global rates of reported fraud are at all-time highs. Explore the trends and learn what you can do to prepare, respond and emerge stronger from fraud and economic crime.

Pulling fraud out of the shadows

7,228 global organizations. 123 countries. Record-high response rate and surprising trends. What does all of this valuable data and insight tell us? Company experiences of fraud are on the rise. An ascent driven by escalating global awareness of fraud, a more robust response rate and greater clarity around what ‘fraud’ actually means. Every organization, of every size, in every industry—no matter how vigilant—is vulnerable to blind spots. What steps can companies take today to pull fraud out of the shadows and move boldly ahead, stronger than before? 


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Survey Leader Didier Lavion presents the key findings of this year's study

US experiences of fraud hit an all-time high at 53%

More than half of US respondents report being victimized by economic crime in the past 24 months. How are they being hit? What are they losing? And what are they not seeing?

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43% share of US fraud committed by internal actors

The gap between internal and external fraud is shrinking. Who are the top actors? What strategies can you implement to thwart the economic crime before it hits?

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37% of US companies reported losses from fraud over $1M

The financial losses from fraud are sweeping and impacts echo far and wide. Your reputation, business relations, employee morale, relations with regulators and share price all can suffer. Where should you put your efforts?

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Only 38% of US respondents said they put a high level of effort to the verification of employee ethical decision-making

US companies directed fewer resources to people-focused detection methods like periodic internal reviews and whistleblower hotline reports than businesses elsewhere in the world. How are you investing in the human element of prevention?

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Step into the light and protect yourself against fraud

You want to look forward at fraud and economic crime trends and expectations, charting a course for how your organization may improve your fraud-fighting efforts. You want to shed light on how other companies manage current business threats, how they prioritize various opportunities and risks and their outlook on developments—to know how you stack up and what new strategies and practices you can consider. If you’d like more information on Global and US Economic Crime and Fraud trends, or to talk about how you compare to your peers, contact us to request a meeting.

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