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Workforce Inside: Improve your workforce’s financial well-being

June 17, 2021

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In our recently published Employee Financial Wellness survey, we found finances are the top cause of employee stress, impacting productivity and well-being. In this episode, we will discuss how employers can foster a culture of financial wellness and support to help their workforce better manage their money during these critical times, and in the future.


  • 01:25 - Bhushan and Cornell discuss the impacts of the pandemic and employee feelings on financial wellness. 
  • 02:38 - We discuss how this topic may show up across different industries and different sized companies. 
  • 03:30 - Cornell defines what employee financial wellness can be and how organizations could be thinking about this topic. 
  • 05:50 - We discuss the stakeholders involved in employee financial wellness strategies within an organization. 
  • 08:15 - We discuss employee financial wellness strategies in the US vs global organizations. 
  • 11:14 - Bhushan and Cornell discuss what an organization’s financial wellness program may look like post-pandemic.
  • 14:08 - We discuss the lessons learned as we’ve worked with organizations on these types of programs. 
  • 16:39 - Cornell talks about the innovative ways organizations may deliver these programs. 
  • 20:14 - Closing up the discussion by sharing leading practice for leaders as they begin to make these programs available to their employees.

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Cornell Staeger

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