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Redefining managed services: data-driven, digital solutions for recurring reporting

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Automated Managed Services (AMS) is an integrated suite of technology-driven modules that utilizes a data-first approach to automate the preparation of internal and external reports and compliance filings. AMS digitizes the ingestion of data from multiple sources, and transforms and stores the data to create a “single source of truth” for downstream use in the AMS modules. AMS increases the speed, efficiency, and quality of reporting processes and outputs while also providing management with better visibility into their company’s data to drive strategic decision-making. AMS is flexible, allowing companies to choose different modules based on their needs, and is continuously updated and improved to keep up with the ongoing changes in the business and regulatory environment.

Automated Managed Services brings a different approach:

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Automated Managed Services adds value while addressing your most pressing challenges

Disaggregated data sources

AMS provides a single source of truth: Single data platform with automated ingestion, validation and target data model mapping linked to analytical dashboards and anomaly detection along with seamless integration to reporting and compliance solutions.

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Complex, evolving reporting requirements

AMS provides a reduction in risk: Leveraging one process-specific rules engine and local subject matter specialists across all key domains (statutory, tax, financial, and regulatory) manages complexity and decreases your compliance risk.

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High costs

AMS provides a cost savings: Eliminating the need to invest in technology and providing higher quality, consistent outputs, AMS reduces costs in multiple areas.

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Manual, time intensive processes

AMS provides a time savings: Mirror ERP architecture with transaction level build-up of consolidation and reporting drives automation in the closing process, reducing questions, data requests, and reconciliations, ultimately saving your team time.

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Lack of visibility, transparency and access to data

AMS provides a increased insights: Robust business intelligence, accounting workflow, and visualization/reporting capability enhances data analytics and provides meaningful insights for informed business decisions.

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Lack of process and controls

AMS provides a standardization: Consistent application of standardized processes and workflows using common technology and expertise leveraged across teams serving clients of all sizes and complexity.

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The first end-to-end tech solution of its kind 

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