Value performance and impact

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How value impacts corporate strategy

If you want to make better strategic choices, sharpening your focus on value is critical. Consider these three value questions before setting your corporate strategy:

  • What investor expectations about value are embedded in your share price?
  • Do you know when, where, and why value is being created and consumed?
  • Have you set a strategy considering potential value impacts?

PwC Valuation and Deals professionals conduct value performance studies that examine the first two questions at a granular level and provide a list of the highest value-at-stake opportunities. We then prepare value impact studies to dynamically analyze different options across three core strategic pillars.

Deal value performance strategy through execution

Managing deal value

A majority of deals do not create value for buyers. "Buy low, sell high" is often clouded by a lack of focus on the gap between price and value. Dealmakers will freely acknowledge that bias and conflicts of interest play a role, but many other factors lead to value leakage during a deal process.

PwC’s Managing Deal Value service provides clients with a consistent, objective voice on value across the deal continuum, designed to minimize value leakage by linking value commitments made in deal pricing with value capture activities at and beyond the close.

Steps to managing deal value

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