How to succeed at renewables procurement

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Successful renewables procurement requires a cross-functional team from energy, sustainability, facilities, legal, accounting, finance, and marketing functions, and a clearly defined evaluation and buying process.

A renewables purchase can save companies money and help transform our collective energy system. But it introduces new technologies and unfamiliar contracting approaches to an organization that may lack renewables procurement knowledge and expertise.

Typically, the renewables purchasing process introduces a series of questions that impact not just the energy, sustainability, and facilities functions, but also the legal, accounting, finance, and even marketing departments.

Building internal support is among the hardest aspects of the procurement process. However, internal renewables champions that successfully create a cross-functional internal team and lead that team through a well-defined evaluation and buying process can greatly reduce procurement friction and generate successful outcomes.

This paper explains leading practices in assembling a corporate renewables procurement team and driving the procurement process, including:

  • Winning practices in forming a team
  • Defining and assigning team roles
  • Tips to help the team through the procurement process

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