Aligning with the HITRUST framework: Here's what you need to know before certification

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To meet increasing security demands and reduce reputation risk, companies have been looking to employ the HITRUST “assess once, report many” assurance model, which streamlines the effort associated with providing trust and transparency to healthcare customers and other constituents. However, obtaining and retaining a HITRUST CSF certification requires constant monitoring and compliance. 

Organizations can implement certain checks and balances before undertaking the HITRUST certification assessment, enabling them to achieve certification while reducing ongoing compliance costs.

The path to alignment with the HITRUST framework and obtaining certification

This publication documents best practices to assist organizations in aligning to the HITRUST framework, with the ultimate goal of becoming certified:

  • Understand what your clients are really asking for 
  • Get executive sponsors aligned early
  • Know your scope and boundaries for future certification 
  • Provide the proper training 
  • Conduct a thorough self-assessment

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