Tomorrow’s audit, today

The perfect blend of people + technology


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See the benefits of Tomorrow’s audit, today.

Digitally upskilled audits that put quality first and result in “aha” moments for management and the business

That’s what drives us and it’s how we’re bringing the audit into the future. Led by people who have the passion and skills to make a difference. And enhanced by powerful technology. Discover how we’re reimagining the possible for you, and for companies around the world, every day.

What should you expect from your audit?

Tomorrow’s audit, today means:

Tech-powered human thinking

What guides our technology strategy? A balance of the operational and aspirational, always investing ahead of the curve. Pivoting as new technology comes to market, we assess learnings and innovate.

Explore our audit technology solutions

Virtually delivering Tomorrow's audit, today


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Delivering Tomorrow's audit, today in a virtual environment

How PwC's ongoing investments in people and technology helped deliver high quality, virtual audits without missing a beat.

How PwC's ongoing investments in people and technology helps deliver quality, virtual audits without missing a beat when we’re all working remotely.

4 lessons for working remotely in finance

One of the biggest shifts we’ve experienced is the move to remote work. Here are four lessons to help you establish a long-term virtual plan.

Distinguishing the audit experience: 4 client examples

Jump-starting the relationship

“We had very high expectations. We accomplished them all and more.”

Using a creative three-day Audit Design Workshop, a PwC team jump-started a new relationship in only a fraction of the normal time — building great relationships and having fun on the way. 

 How will we ignite your audit experience?

People-led issue management

“It really is a different experience”

That’s what an audit client told us as they experienced how our people-led issue-management process contrasted with another Big Four firm, enabling us to deliver a quality audit during a complex acquisition.

How will we transform your experience with our people-led issue-management?

Revenue testing made more efficient

For one global client, our audit Digital Accelerators created an automated workflow that significantly improved the speed and enhanced the quality of our revenue testing. The PwC team also used visualizations to easily and more effectively examine potential risk areas. Innovating the audit. Changing the experience.

Audit schedules created instantly

Our Extract tool automatically—and securely—accesses ERP data, eliminating handoffs and reducing room for error. The benefit for one global client? 600 data auditing schedules created in an instant. And time spent by their staff pulling data and answering audit queries reduced by half. Reinforcing quality. Saving time.

From our labs to your audit

Innovation is about more than just technology. It’s about building and strengthening confidence in your audit and delivering quality. It is rooted in people who are skilled and empowered. With these powerful forces, we are reshaping your audit for the future.

We’re also tailoring audit solutions to your business. Your audit team, including dedicated Digital Accelerators, are trained in automation and visualization tools and continually look for ways to innovate your unique audit. Workflow automations from our Digital Lab platform that can be tailored to your audit, including:

  • Trial balance comparison
  • Revenue analytics disaggregated by customer
  • Census data testing assistance

… all of which do the data wrangling and automate manual processes so our people can focus on what matters: the analysis.

From our lab to your audit

Get Tomorrow’s audit, today.

Trust. Quality. Innovation. What does one have to do with the others? Everything. We need confidence in the machines that make our work more efficient, as much as we do in the people who harness them. That’s why we are facing digital disruption head on. To reimagine the audit with equal parts automation and human experience. And ushering in an experience revolution. That’s Tomorrow’s audit, today.

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