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Helping our clients define and meet their energy goals, address risks, and drive business advantage through leading energy and renewables strategies.


Energy transformation is underway. New technologies, and changes in how energy is bought and sold, are dramatically changing the energy landscape, and creating new opportunities for energy buyers. At the same time, companies are facing increasing expectations for transparency and action on sustainability.

Our insights for companies seeking to improve their energy performance

A company’s approach to energy and carbon emissions now directly impacts its cost structure, risk profile and resilience, and brand value with customers, employees and communities. Below are some steps business leaders can take to capitalize on energy as a strategic advantage:

  • Establish a clear strategy and goals to manage energy in a coordinated way across your organization
  • Use energy data to identify opportunities for cost savings and productivity gains, and to report effectively
  • Adopt renewables and other emerging energy technologies, and take advantage of new financing mechanisms
  • Engage your employees and transparently communicate your energy and carbon commitments and accomplishments

Read the article: Energy Strategy for the C-Suite in Harvard Business Review

PwC Sustainability Service's George Favaloro explains how companies can create a robust energy strategy. George and his co-authors, sustainability thought leader Andrew Winston and Tim Healy, CEO of energy solutions provider EnerNOC, lay out a five-step framework companies should use to address the rising strategic importance of energy. The article includes insights gleaned from our joint research on the energy practices of 145 companies, and case studies from energy management leaders.


How PwC can help

We help our clients assess where they stand relative to leading energy practices; identify opportunities for business value and articulate the business case for a strategic program; align the organization; and develop a comprehensive energy strategy and action plan.

For companies seeking to procure renewables, we can help you to assess the right mix of renewable technologies, project types, and locations for your organization; assemble the right internal team to most effectively manage the complex decision making process; and develop an action plan to achieve your goals. Our subject matter experts can also help you navigate the details of the procurement process for specific opportunities.

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