ESG reporting

It’s vital to how you tell your company's story

What is ESG reporting and why does it matter today?

ESG metrics and reporting are fast becoming a business imperative. Increased scrutiny from investors, shifts in consumer and customer expectations, and likely policy changes under the Biden Administration mean companies are facing new pressure to measure, disclose and improve on ESG-related issues, including:

  • E (environmental): carbon emissions, water and waste management, raw material sourcing, climate change vulnerability
  • S (social): diversity, equity, and inclusion, labor management, data privacy and security, community relations
  • G (governance): board governance, business ethics, intellectual property protection

Stakeholders across the business spectrum see ESG as a window into a company’s future. ESG reporting and metrics are also an important indicator of a company’s overall health and ESG reports can lay the foundation for a compelling story about the impact your company is making on the world. Tying all three elements of ESG into consolidated reporting, and to your broader strategy, signals that your company is taking the necessary steps to be viable and profitable for the long-run.

And that’s music to the ears of investors looking out for the long-term health of their portfolios.

How are leading companies using and benefiting from ESG reporting?

Forward-thinking organizations are integrating values, goals and metrics into business strategies to mitigate ESG risks. They’re also seizing related opportunities to innovate and reduce costs. Both start with reporting that follows commonly accepted standards which stakeholders know and trust. It’s the baseline leading companies use to identify their strengths and weaknesses, work to improve, and tell an effective story.

Ready to take the next step on your ESG reporting journey? PwC can help

Compelling ESG reporting doesn’t come together in a flash. It requires collaboration and insight from across the organization to work towards common goals as a team. Many organizations start by assessing the maturity of their data. We have an app for that! Others want to focus on climate change, diversity, equity, and inclusion or other significant areas of reporting. Some are further along in their thinking and ready to make optimizations. And in boardrooms across the country, corporate directors are looking to best understand their ESG oversight roles.

Why work with PwC to help you take the next step forward? Because wherever you are on your journey, we’re ready to meet you there. We bring purpose, vision, and practicality to your unique set of challenges — and we’ve been where you are. We’ve been on our own ESG journey, and we’re ready to share our insights and successes to help you.

Our passionate multi-disciplinary teams provide insights across industries and are here to help your company:

  • quickly get started on your ESG strategy, including areas such as climate risk and diversity, equity and inclusion, that can enhance your growth and reputation
  • understand and leverage the various ESG standards and frameworks such as SASB and TCFD to develop a compelling story for your investors, board, and other stakeholders that inspires them to come along for the ride
  • develop investment grade ESG metrics that your shareholders can trust
  • tech-enable your ESG reporting journey to make the data useful to your business throughout the year
  • educate your stakeholders on key ESG topics, including the board of directors who expects management to be ahead of the curve


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