Consolidations / joint venture formation accounting

Solving the financial reporting challenges of investing in new entities

Financial reporting complexities

Financial reporting complexities

The accounting standard setters consolidation guidance determines whether your business consolidates another legal entity or not. This guidance may impact your company’s accounting for current and new investments. Determining how to apply the guidance and how to operationalize financial reporting preparation requires careful analysis and planning.

Pre Deal

Understand the financial reporting impact resulting from an investment in another entity, including the impact on pro forma financial reporting metrics.

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Accounting implications

Consider significant business and operational implications of accounting conclusions, including how a current or potential investment will impact balance sheet and income statement line items, key ratios, financial statement metrics and debt covenants.

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Plan for integration requirements of newly consolidated investments, including potential updates to systems, processes and controls.

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Prepare communications to stakeholders outlining the impact of the investment on your business and financial results.

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How PwC can help

PwC is a trusted resource for helping companies navigate the complexities of accounting and reporting for consolidations and joint business formations. Our knowledge can help you develop strategies to withstand regulatory scrutiny, anticipate potential areas of concern in filings and meet constantly evolving expectations for clear and transparent financial reporting.

PwC can assist you with the range of issues related to consolidations and joint venture formation.

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