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Transform human capital

Transforming human capital is top of mind for today's CEO's. In order to execute their business strategy, they must align with the right talent strategy. Yet existing intranet solutions don’t enable the mobility, analytics capabilities, or centralized and speedy access to relevant information needed to do so and demanded by today’s multi-generational socially-savvy workforce. Without these, efforts result in employee disengagement, lower productivity, and higher turnover.

Leading companies are creating next-generation social enterprises to engage their employees from hire to retire. PwC's Always On Workforce solution, powered by Salesforce and wrapped by our business transformation capabilities, is an easy to use, collaborative platform that helps companies take their employee experience to the next level. The solution helps employees discover, engage and collaborate—boosting employee satisfaction, productivity and innovation throughout the entire work lifecycle.

  • Increase employee engagement and satisfaction?
  • Increase collaboration and productivity? 
  • Support employees regardless of location or device?
  • Leverage data insights to drive workplace performance?
  • Enable self-service and reduce inquiries to HR?
  • Do all this within a trusted platform?

Solution uses

  • Enterprise-wide employee intranet
  • Functional intranet (e.g. Sales, Finance, Operations, Facilities)
  • Employee group portals/knowledge sharing (project-focused knowledge/team portal, expatriate community, region-specific community, etc.)
  • Employee onboarding portal, and acquisition integration portal for new employees 
  • HR Self Service and Help Desk

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