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Creating a virtual delivery platform that enables successful collaboration

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The current global health crisis has sent us into a virtual world of communication and working with our teams to deliver on Oracle transformations. PwC’s Virtual Delivery Platform is our end-to-end framework and answer for organizations looking to embrace collaboration tools and teaming techniques quickly and effectively.

Drive collaboration with Virtual Delivery Platform

Challenges faced by our clients embarking on a virtual Oracle program:

How do I keep my team engaged?
Challenge: How do I keep my team engaged?

Potential mitigations

  • Make time for your team to connect on a personal level (virtual happy hour, wellness/coffee breaks, etc)
  • Rotate the “spotlight.” Give each person/team the opportunity to promote their accomplishments
  • Lead by example
  • Check in with teams regularly
How do I ensure my team is being productive?
Challenge: How do I ensure my team is being productive?

Potential mitigations

  • Leverage project management tools to measure team progress
  • Utilize gamification techniques to drive positive team behaviors
  • Address any issues or concerns real time
  • Understand and test technology prior to a meeting
  • Schedule team meetings to discuss daily tasks and blockers

How do I address change and user adoption?
Challenge: How do I address change and user adoption?

Potential Mitigations

  • Engage users to be “change champions” for their teams
  • Keep users constantly updated
  • Provide a clear and concise ruleset to follow for working remote
  • Provide the tools, techniques and technology and set clear expectations
  • Train your team on their virtual toolset and troubleshoot issues quickly
What do I do if virtual delivery isn’t working well?
Challenge: What do I do if virtual delivery isn’t working well?

Potential Mitigations

  • Take a weekly pulse check to identify pain points
  • Action and resolve pain points quickly
  • Listen to your team and adjust approach
  • Keep it simple
  • Host more “office hours” until everyone is comfortable with working virtually

Introducing PwC’s Virtual Delivery Platform

In this new era of technology, PwC’s Virtual Delivery Platform has been deployed to maintain business continuity and decrease the impact of unplanned natural disasters and pandemic events. We leverage collaboration tools and teaming techniques to stay on track while delivering remotely.

Increase productivity and team performance through friendly competition

Gamification techniques can be leveraged to make virtual projects more fun while increasing productivity and quality. Team members are incentivized by the ability to earn status or rewards for participation in specific activities or achieving project milestones. Gamification energizes the team and makes accomplishments more meaningful while bringing transparency to the work individuals are executing.

Keeping your project on track with PwC’s Virtual Delivery Platform

Register for the webcast replay to hear how PwC’s Virtual Delivery Platform helps our clients stay on track through...

  • Proven techniques to execute Agile delivery in a remote setting
  • Helpful technologies that facilitate collaboration, communication and productivity
  • Gamification and incentives to keep up team morale and engagement while encouraging teams to make progress against program goals