PwC and Oracle Utilities solutions

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Many utilities companies struggle with inefficient manual processes and reporting constraints while regulators demand efficiency and lower operating costs. PwC, working with utilities companies around the world, has developed unique Oracle based solutions to address these industry challenges.  We have developed solutions such as our PwC Model System to help utilities companies introduce new capabilities that drive business outcomes.

Innovation will be at the heart of customer value for the utility of the future and PwC is dedicated to collaborating with our clients to strive for just that.

PwC Utilities Model System and Utility solutions

Our relationship with industry and peer companies allows us to provide proven guidance focused on business value. Through our network, experience and proprietary research we’ve identified disruptive forces that are driving change for our clients’ customers expectations. The main disruptive forces within the utilities industry are demographic shifts, technological advances, accelerated urbanization and regulatory drivers.

Leveraging Oracle technologies and our proprietary methods and tools, we’ve developed personalized solutions for our clients such as our PwC Utilities Model System to help utility companies transform their business and meet their customers’ changing expectations through innovation.

At PwC, we focus on helping utilities companies introduce new capabilities through Oracle technologies. The PwC Utilities Model System is a framework that we use to guide our clients through their business transformation with accelerators and tools to maximize business value. At the core, reaching top level customer satisfaction and delivering O&M savings through process standardization and optimization is a PwC difference maker.

By teaming with PwC, we exploit enabling Oracle technology accommodate evolving customer and market conditions and also seamlessly integrate to client’s standard core business processes across functional areas. Together, we offer our clients solutions and guidance to support FERC and GAAP accounting, financial reporting and integration with PowerPlan for Capital Projects and Fixed Assets and Enterprise Asset Management solutions such as Maximo.

PwC strives to offer client value beyond technology updates. We take a holistic approach when offering our utility solutions that recognizes neither technology nor process change drive the type of improvements that companies demand. While exploding technology to proactively work for our clients by offering innovation and value, PwC also strives for certainty.

How PwC Predictable Value focuses on business outcomes in utilities and energy

Through each client engagement, PwC’s Utilities Model System provides a roadmap for the business transformation journey our clients venture through from start to finish. PwC is there every step of the way.

While on this journey with our clients, we apply our unique PwC’s Predictable Value approach which focuses on identifying what the end business outcomes may look like to help our clients see the whole picture not just the first steps they need to take. The business outcomes our Predictable Value approach highlights are value, speed, focus, and agility.

Our PwC Predictable Value  + Oracle solution offerings demonstrate desired business outcomes which resonate with our clients, all while providing the proven technical roadmaps to support the journey ahead.

Value: It is not just about the success of the program, it is about the value generated for our client.

Speed: In addition, it is the time to value that creates momentum required for our client's success.

Focus: Creating a sustained competitive advantage requires focus on the organization's strategy, not the program strategy.

Agility: To enable future success for the client, our approach focuses on creating sustainable outcomes which can evolve as market conditions change.

Transforming a Midwest utilities company with Oracle solutions

A Midwest utilities company found themselves operating two autonomous and highly customized information systems after acquiring a competing electricity and natural gas distributor. With increasing disruptive forces challenging the utilities industry, this Midwest Utilities Company wanted to modernize their operations by uniting their IT infrastructure in order to deliver a new standard of excellence for their customers. They chose PwC to help guide them through this business transformation and realize their objectives of having a single platform powered by Oracle Utilities solutions.

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Kevin Sullivan

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