Modernizing a Luxury Hotel and Resort Chains’ financials with PwC Hospitality Model System

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Today, the hospitality industry faces challenges maintaining costly outdated financial systems and infrastructure which prohibit the flexibility and agility businesses require.

Leveraging insights from working with hospitality companies around the world, PwC has developed our Hospitality Model System solution for Oracle Cloud to address these challenges head on and provide process improvement along the way for our clients.

What business challenges has the hospitality industry faced?

A luxury hotel and resort chain had under invested in its financial systems for many years, least implementing its core financial system nearly 20 years ago. That system required significant business and technical efforts to maintain which diminished any business value, due to the tedious manual processes and workarounds required to close the books and report on their financials.

The challenge was to leverage an ERP and EPM cloud platform that could unify several distinct applications, enable cross functional reporting and support this hotel and resort chain’s entire finance operations.

Why choose PwC Hospitality Model System?

PwC Hospitality Model System offers a holistic approach on how to embrace finance modernization. Our Hospitality Model System combines PwC’s industry leading practices with Oracle Cloud solution capabilities to drive process standardization and operational efficiencies. It is an end-to-end implementation framework which exploits enabling technology to simplify and automate processes for our clients while also driving down the cost of ownership.

At a luxury hotel and resort chain, PwC helped our client realize their vision of modernizing their financial operations by guiding them through a business transformation to upgrade their on premise solution to Oracle Cloud. By applying our Hospitality Model System solution, PwC helped our hospitality client strategically identify not only what processes to focus on to modernize their business but how to enable technology to work for them.

How PwC delivered Hospitality Model System + Predictable Value for positive business outcome

PwC’s Predictable Value approach helps our clients visualize what end rewards from their business transformation journeys might look like. By putting the spotlight on what business outcomes are achievable, Predictable Value helps steer enabling technology to deliver business value.

A luxury hotel and resort chain client looked to PwC’s guidance to learn how to drive business value through finance. Leveraging PwC’s Hospitality Model System, Oracle technologies and our proprietary methods and tools, the client realized several operational benefits from their financial transformation:

Value: drive down administrative and technology costs while gaining timely insight into operational performance

Speed: leverage project accelerators from the PwC Hospitality Model System to reduce implementation time and streamline financial processes

Focus: unite full range of hospitality, finance process and Oracle technology services to help modernize client IT infrastructure

Agility: real-time reporting and analytics enables clients to make quicker critical business decisions

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