Driving business value in the Entertainment and Media industry

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The Entertainment and Media industry is a crowded space with growing digital players and exploding content choices. Customers are digitally-empowered and demand content on a variety of platforms. With increased competition in content creation, delivery and transition to mobile access, efficient financial systems and processes are a must. PwC is helping clients leverage Oracle Cloud technologies to drive business transformations through evolving E&M value chains to obtain greater visibility and insights into corporate and production studio financials.

Entertainment and Media industry challenges and PwC’s approach

The growth in digital media is leading an evolution within the Entertainment and Media value chain. This evolution is adding complexity within the industry as the traditional value chain is no longer linear, but rather fluid and multidirectional.

Businesses now need increased flexibility and collaboration to manage complex workflows and data. PwC is helping clients stay ahead of these leading market trends through our E&M solution offerings, and leveraging technologies to drive business and technology transformations. We offer such solutions including PwC’s Entertainment and Media Model System, PaaS applications and integration services. We cater our solutions uniquely for each of our clients while providing them guidance from PwC’s global E&M practice to help turn aspirations into actions.

Introducing PwC’s Entertainment and Media Model System solution

PwC’s global E&M practice has the industry experience to help clients achieve business objectives and sustain competitive advantage. With recognized industry practices in mind, PwC has developed our Entertainment and Media Model System which is a holistic approach that guides clients from the planning process to end state results for their business transformations.

PwC’s Entertainment and Media Model System addresses common industry challenges such as disconnected corporate and studio accounting systems, inflexible legal entity structures complicating mergers and acquisitions, and manual reporting. Our teams work with clients to align process and Oracle Cloud technology with their business objectives to drive increased business value.

By leveraging our Entertainment and Media Model System, clients are provided a roadmap with a differentiated approach - our model system includes tools and accelerators which help improve and standardize processes throughout their business transformations to maximize ROI.

How PwC Predictable Value focuses on business outcomes in E&M

PwC’s Entertainment and Media Model System helps provide a differentiated approach to deliver implementation, process and industry excellence for our clients. Each client is unique and we cater our services and Entertainment and Media Model System to provide the building blocks of a valued solution.

PwC’s Predictable Value proposition within E&M leverages this alignment of our model system solution with enabling technology to help focus on achieving business outcomes.

Our Predictable Value approach is a new way to deliver and advice entertainment and media clients with Oracle technology. PwC’s Predictable Value aims to put the spotlight on our E&M clients’ desired business outcomes such as value, speed, focus and agility.

Value: integrate disparate accounting systems for a single source of truth, increased accuracy, and reduction of manual processes

Speed: leverage project accelerators from the PwC Entertainment and Media Model System to reduce implementation time

Focus: analytical and BI tools designed around business needs to provide greater insight and back office visibility

Agility: automate cumbersome cost, margin, revenue and other industry specific reporting

PwC provides the strategic perspective to guide clients through their business transformations and lets them see the whole picture from the first steps to what the ending state can look like.

How PwC has enabled a Business and Technology Transformation for a television studio

Vewers are consuming content at a faster rate, switching across multiple providers and viewing media through an array of different delivery options.  A true content revolution is challenging the way traditional networks think, and requiring them to evolve with industry demands. Efficient financial systems and processes are a must. Simply put, as more content becomes available to end consumers, companies need to understand what the financial impact is for that data. PwC’s global E&M practice was able to help tackle these challenges for a television production company to build a scalable IT structure and Oracle Cloud application model, obtaining greater visibility and insight into current and forecasted financials.

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