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Centralizing cyber operations with Microsoft Azure Sentinel

A joint report from PwC and Microsoft

A new world of challenges for traditional SIEMs

Traditional on-premise security information and event management (SIEM) solutions simply cannot keep pace with the soaring volume and complexity of today’s cybersecurity threats.

The good news? A new class of cloud-based SIEMs have emerged as strong contenders to on-premise solutions. These cloud-native SIEMs can provide centralized, real-time security analytics and threat intelligence across the enterprise. And that can help improve alert detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting and threat response.

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Microsoft Azure Sentinel - Centralized Cyber Operations

Traditional SIEMs are often bombarded with malicious activity that generates a barrage of data and security alerts—in some cases, thousands a day. The result? Security leaders face growing difficulty in analyzing SIEM data to detect, assess and respond to malicious activity.

On guard against attacks with Azure Sentinel

Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel is the first enterprise SIEM built from the ground up on cloud architecture. As a cloud-native SIEM powered by Microsoft, Azure Sentinel offers significant advantages, including free alert data ingestion for all Microsoft products, advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, and a strong support network.

Strengthen your security with cloud-native SIEMs

The shift toward cloud-based SIEM models is primarily driven by lower maintenance costs and greater efficiencies. Additional advantages include:

  • Rapid setup and deployment
  • Dynamic scalability
  • Advanced monitoring and visualization
  • Managed services and operations
  • Correlation of on-premise and cloud data
  • Seamless integration of on-prem and cloud

It takes a team to manage threats

Azure Sentinel is designed for organizations seeking to integrate on-premise and in-cloud technologies and migrate them to the cloud. The scalable SIEM provides deep visibility into security by correlating information from multiple data sources and monitoring for suspicious activity. To streamline implementation, PwC provides managed cyber operations services that rapidly integrate Azure Sentinel threat detection and response capabilities into your existing cyber and IT environments.

PwC Azure Sentinel scalable SIEM

The power of partnering

PwC’s alliance with Microsoft combines our business strategy expertise and deep industry knowledge with Microsoft’s leading cloud and cybersecurity products to provide seamless cloud-native implementation, operations and enhancement of security operations. Find out how we can help you design, deploy and manage a cloud-based, business-focused SIEM solution that meets your singular needs. Learn more.

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