PwC and Microsoft Cybersecurity: Helping you secure and protect your assets

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PwC’s Microsoft offerings help organizations identify, understand, and control the complexities of the risk and regulatory environment, helping avoid threats and propel transformation.

PwC’s knowledge and experience helping clients ensure their Microsoft technology meets all risk and regulatory requirements while maintaining security will help you feel confident in the security of your assets when working with our teams.

“53% of CEOs in North America are extremely concerned about cyber threats.”

PwC’s 21st CEO survey

Two Azure Sentinel solutions: Helping you detect and respond to threats faster

PwC has teamed with Microsoft to develop managed cyber operations solutions that rapidly integrate Azure Sentinel-driven threat detection and response (TDR) capabilities into your existing IT estate. Our solutions help you replace your existing security information and event management (SIEM) solution or implement a new cyber operations capability from the ground up.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Release

Combine Microsoft’s cybersecurity technologies with PwC’s CyberOps managed service to design, build and operate your TDR solution within 100 days.

  • Advanced threat protection technologies 

  • Cloud-native solution 

  • Automate operational tasks

  • Shorten incident response times

  • Integrate cloud and on-premises data sources

Rapid Transition

Rapid Replace

Combine Microsoft Azure Sentinel with PwC’s CyberOps managed service to transition your SIEM and operate your TDR solution

  • Maintain existing customized SIEM rules 

  • Azure-friendly log consumption

  • Review and evaluate currently ingested data sources 

  • Flexibility to introduce other Microsoft TDR components

White paper: Building an effective insider risk management program

Cybersecurity has evolved from an IT-centric function to an organization-wide risk management issue. While insider risk threats are evolving in a similar way, current market adoption strategies emphasize use of additional tools and technologies to address insider risks without including the underlying principles of risk management.

Read the paper

PwC's Cybersecurity offerings powered by Microsoft

Enterprise Security Architecture

PwC’s ESA offerings provide recommendations on the maturity and interconnections of security capabilities within your organization’s environment. Through these holistic assessments, PwC inserts Microsoft services where applicable.

  • Optimize security spend through the rationalization of cybersecurity toolsets, licensing, and staffing
  • Increase tool usage through optimization of known and unidentified integration points
  • Obtain visibility across the enterprise and enhance risk and compliance management
Identity and Access Management

PwC’s IAM offering leverages Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2B and B2C to help firms achieve authorized access at any time, from anywhere, by employees, business partners, and customers. This offering satisfies your identity needs in both the enterprise (EIAM) and consumer (CIAM) space.

  • Extend identity and access management to cloud-based applications
  • Use the latest context-aware authentication process to increase security
  • Resolve your own issues with self-service, reducing IT cost to services and improving user experience
Information Protection

PwC's Information Protection offering, leveraging the Microsoft Azure Information Protection solution, helps organizations create robust data protection programs to classify, monitor, and protect data as it travels between users, devices, applications, and services within and beyond the organization’s boundary.

  • Get in-depth understanding of all data within your organization’s systems
  • Drill into insights for sensitive data and possible threats against that information
  • Create an actionable roadmap and strategy for data protection
Encryption and Key Management

PwC's Cloud Key Protection (CKP) service helps organizations secure applications and data on-premises or in the Microsoft cloud in an efficient and proactive manner, while also making it easier to integrate, administer, monitor, and audit access. With CKP, effectively create, manage, and rotate keys to the kingdom.

  • Control your data when migrating to cloud solutions by assessing key management infrastructure
  • Identify enhancements to your current process of key distribution
  • Highlight gaps and potential key segregation of duty concerns within the key management process
Cloud Application Security

PwC's Cloud Application Security offering leverages Microsoft Cloud App Security (CAS) in a detailed solution that helps your organization take full advantage of the promise of cloud applications while also keeping them under control through improved visibility into activity.

  • Address common security challenges faced as a result of moving to SaaS applications
  • Gain deeper visibility, comprehensive controls, and improved protection for cloud applications
  • Comply with regulatory mandates such as PCI, HIPAA, and more
Information Governance

PwC’s Information Governance offering provides practical, real-world policy and strategy perspectives, change management strategy and delivery support, and process know-how. We combine this knowledge with our Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Data Governance and eDiscovery experience to enable clients to realize their information governance transformation goals. 

  • Know their information landscape
  • Appropriately protect that information
  • Retain records in accordance with policy and legal hold obligations
  • Responsibly reduce their information footprint where appropriate or required by law

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