Modernize your IT with Microsoft Azure

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Advantages of Microsoft and PwC

Cloud technologies are not only reshaping individual organizations — they are transforming entire industries and regions worldwide. Shifting IT to a cloud-enabled model requires a new mindset and a change from the traditional operating model. Our team helps clients understand and prepare for the fundamentals of the Azure adoption journey through proper design and build of the necessary capabilities.

The Microsoft Azure cloud platform provides an ever-evolving set of cloud services to help your organization accomplish your business goals. Coupled with PwC’s services around Microsoft Azure, we can help you drive down administrative and technology costs, increase efficiency and resiliency, improve sustainability, and standardize and secure operations.

PwC is a Microsoft Gold Partner - Azure Cloud

PwC assists clients with the following:

Cloud strategy and transformation

Re-envision IT organizations based on a cloud-centric, “as-a-service” model that transforms the organization and enables execution in hours as opposed to traditional IT’s turn-around in days or weeks.

  • Agility: Increase efficiency and business value
  • Visibility: Easily monitor business KPIs and optimize expenditures in Microsoft Azure
  • Governance: Standardize and secure operations, implement controls, and minimize risk
Cloud DNA

Increase agility and keep pace with business innovation needs through a well-planned cloud operating model on Microsoft Azure that provides the right mix of new and evolving skill sets.

  • New: Expanded footprint of high-value skills and activities
  • Enhanced: Innovative and flexible architecture, program and vendor management, and adaptive security to support rapid deployment
  • Upgraded: Traditional infrastructure management and support are replaced by orchestration and automation
Optimize and automate the Cloud

Accelerate the benefits of Microsoft Azure adoption, improve response to business needs, and reduce costs through automation of common tasks.

  • Sustainable: Improve your SLAs and orchestrate recoveries
  • Self-Regulating: Automate your workload optimization and respond instantly to unexpected spikes in demand
  • Increased Productivity: Eliminate distractions and improve focus on high-value activities
Cloud CFO

Minimized costs is not an “out of the box” feature of the cloud. Ensure that you are managing and optimizing your cost, and have the right governance, operating model and skills to efficiently manage cloud with automation.  Learn More

  • Total Cost of Ownership: Determine cost and ROI of migrating to and hosting workloads in the cloud
  • Optimization: Right size your cloud resources and leverage Azure scalability and flexibility
  • Automation: Utilize automation to monitor and control Azure resources
App resiliency and modernization

The cloud acts as a key enabler to foster innovation for delivering business capabilities, and to improve customer experience via digital transformation and Big Data capabilities.

  • Resiliency: Leverage the cloud to transition from traditional disaster recovery to application resiliency
  • Speed: Leverage modern design patterns and continuous integration and delivery to increase the speed of delivery for business capabilities
  • DevOps: Use Cloud DevOps and automation to build more quality and speed into the delivery life cycle 

Why is Microsoft Azure the right choice?

Comprehensive compliance coverage

  • More than 70 compliance offerings
  • First major cloud provider to contractually commit to the requirements of GDPR
  • Security, privacy, and compliance embedded in development methodology

The only consistent hybrid cloud

  • Consistency across app development, security and management, identity management, and across the data platform
  • Common set of skills and offering portability of applications and workloads

More regions than any other cloud provider

  • 50 Azure regions
  • Choose the datacenter and region that’s right for you
  • Support available anywhere

Unparalleled developer productivity

  • Leading solutions in IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS
  • End-to-end management experiences
  • Use any development tool or language

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Patrick  Pugh

Patrick Pugh

Principal, Global Microsoft Relationship and Alliance Leader, PwC US

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Jerry Lewis

Principal, US Microsoft Alliance Leader, PwC US