Intelligent Digital redefines what’s next

Google's NEXT 2018 annual conference

July 24-26 | San Francisco, CA

Join us at Google NEXT ‘18

To redefine what's next and stay ahead, we must balance business understanding, human insight and technological innovation.

That’s what we call Intelligent Digital.

PwC is focused on helping our clients responsibly develop a transformative business and technology strategy to accelerate adoption at scale across the entire enterprise. Our multidisciplinary teams bring long-standing industry and technical expertise that provide clients with the strategy through execution they can count on to transform their business and capitalize on what lies ahead.

“PwC is proud to partner with today’s leaders to address this transformative change and help them rethink their futures, chart their own course and shape their own world to redefine what’s next.”

Suzi Russell-Gilford, Google Alliance Leader

From our sessions and special events to demos in our booth and more, here are the best ways to maximize your time at the conference.

Visit PwC booth #S1327

Stop by to meet PwC’s financial, operations, health industry and digital transformation specialities at our booth. Discussions and demos will include:

  • PerformPlus
  • Food Trust Platform
  • Bodylogical(TM)
  • Credit risk management
  • Leveraging GCP for S4 implementation
  • Investor onboarding

And more...

Join us for these sessions

Machine learning-enabled chatbots

Tuesday, July 24 at 11–11:50 AM

Breakout session ID MLAI 238 Collaboration & Productivity Track with:
Todd Morrill, PwC Data Scientist

Learn how to build a machine learning-enabled search chatbot on GCP using Dialogflow, Kubernetes, Docker and Python.

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Collaborative brainstorming with Jamboard

Tuesday, July 24 at 1:55–2:45 PM

Breakout session ID CP 105 Collaboration & Productivity Track with:
Sid Bhatia, Director Transformation, PwC

Learn how to leverage modern connected whiteboards in the brainstorming process.

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Developing an early warning system for risk managers from scratch on GCP, using AI/ML

Wednesday, July 25 at 3:15–4:05 PM

Breakout session ID MLAI 204 Machine Learning & AI Track with:
Anand Autar, Head of Portfolio Management, ING
Otto Vermeulen, Partner, PWC
Pieter Verheijen, Senior Manager, PwC
Peter Wiggers, Cloud Architect, PwC

In this session, we will demonstrate a Proof of Concept Early Warning System for Credit Risk Managers, built on Google Cloud Platform. The flexibility of GCP enabled us to develop this PoC from scratch in a timeframe of 12 weeks. The demo will feature how counter-parties (for a financial institution) can be selected, how various data sources (market, news, etc.) are ingressed (GDELT, relevant data vendors) and processed using Pub/Sub and Container Engine.

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Security considerations when migrating to the cloud

Wednesday, July 25 at 3:15–4:05 PM

Breakout session ID SEC 205 Security Track with:
Hilda Clune, Global Technology & Transformation Leader, PwC
Suzanne Frey, Director of Security & Trust, PwC
Rob Tollerton, Director IT Services, PwC

How are you managing risk in the cloud era? How do you secure third party applications? Did you know that you can take advantage of Google's scale in security to protect your organization? In this session, we share Google’s approach to managing top security concerns, mobile devices and data breaches.

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An introduction to data controls for G Suite

Wednesday, July 25 at 3:15–4:05 PM

Breakout session ID SEC 105 Security Track with:
Ganesh Chilakapati, Google Product Manager
Rob Tollerton, PwC Director Global IT

G Suite’s global cloud architecture provides you with the ability to scale exponentially and benefit from optimizations unique to the cloud. Learn about the cloud data controls G Suite offers and the efficient ways to deploy them.


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The Equality Lounge - Diversity & Inclusion Track Panels

Wednesday Panel at 4:00 PM
How To Transform Workplace Culture, Together
PwC speaker: Trent Lund

Thursday Panel at 11:00 AM
Diversity, Inclusiveness and Belonging – How We Can Get There
PwC moderator: Suzi Russell-Gilford

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Demonstrations and discussions in booth S1327

Tuesday at 11:00 AM
Leveraging GCP for your S4/HANA Implementation

Tuesday at 1:00 PM
Proof of concept early warning system for Credit Risk Managers, built on Google Cloud Platform

Tuesday and Wednesday at 2:00 PM
Bodylogical - PwC’s predictive analytics “digital twin” tool built on GCP

Tuesday at 3:00 PM and Wednesday at 4:00 PM
Intelligent Automation Orchestration - An automation of a client/investor on-boarding process that orchestrates multiple technologies including BPM, RPA and Google's OCR/NLP tools to provide a true end to end solution

Tuesday at 4:00 PM and Wednesday at 11:00 AM
PerformPlus - PwC’s operational excellence solutions built on GCP

Wednesday at 1:00 PM
FoodTrust - PwC’s platform that can guarantee high quality beef built on GCP

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