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Leveraging analytic process automation to power digital transformation

Announcing our Alteryx “Global Elite Partnership” *

The Alteryx Analytic Process Automation (APA) PlatformTM, combined with PwC’s digital transformation experience and global market reach, helps empower organizations to achieve solutions – faster. The Alteryx APA Platform delivers end-to-end automation of analytics, machine learning, and data science processes; enabling the agility needed to accelerate digital transformation. This helps organizations and individuals improve their digital acumen and can allow them to share their innovations across an enterprise and accelerate business outcomes. PwC is proud to be an Alteryx Global Elite Partner.

*Global Elite Partner is an Alteryx designation, which only applies to PwC at this time.

CEOs face an upskilling challenge

18% have made significant progress in establishing comprehensive upskilling programs

74% are concerned about the availability of key skills

20% say their programs have reduced skill gaps and mismatches

How PwC and Alteryx help organizations accelerate their automation journey

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Organizations around the world are seeking to transform how they operate, and PwC is leading the way. The Alteryx APA Platform is a component of how we’ve transformed ourselves, allowing us to deliver greater value and insights to our clients.

PwC is taking lessons learned from our transformation to organizations globally, helping them develop and execute their own digital transformation strategy with Alteryx-based solutions designed to drive business-changing outcomes with less time and effort.

New! PwC’s Virtual Digital Academy helps provide organizations with an immersive virtual experience that supports up-skilling in Alteryx across the workforce while teams are working remotely.

Jumpstart your automation capabilities

PwC helps organizations establish strategy and governance around their automation program with a focus on sustainability and agility. We’ll help assess your processes, data sources and pain points to establish priorities and quick wins. We can also help design and build Alteryx solutions using leading practices to set you on the right path in your automation journey.

Unlock business value with strategic Alteryx adoption

As a large Alteryx APA Platform user, PwC professionals worldwide leverage its power to drive value to clients globally. We’re on the leading edge of delivering Alteryx-based solutions.

  • Tens of thousands of active users trained on the platform
  • Millions of analytics, data science and process automation workflows executed

We’re helping our clients find efficiencies and work smarter by enabling them to...

  • Harness the power of their data
  • Drive new insights and reduce time spent on prep and analysis
  • Integrate with their chosen ERP and robotics
  • Catalog and contextualize their data sources
  • Build and deploy predictive machine learning models 

Delivering on the upskilling commitment

This strategic alliance enables the firm to deliver more value for organizations through a robust portfolio of automation solutions that provide immediate impact for the enterprise.

Learn how our Digital Fitness Assessment app can help your workforce.

Fit for Growth

As your organization readies itself for sustainable growth, enable your cost transformation and operational improvement using the power of the Alteryx Platform. Tap into automation and analytics to help your business manage costs in a more strategic way.

Learn more about Fit for Growth and automation here

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“PwC is proud to be recognized as an Alteryx Global Elite Partner. As a leader in analytics and automation, this alliance allows PwC to bring the full power of the Alteryx APA Platform to organizations to accelerate digital transformation and solve important business problems.”

Andy Ruggles, Alteryx Alliance Leader, PwC US

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Andy Ruggles

Andy Ruggles

US Data Automation and Global Alteryx Alliance Leader, PwC US

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Suneet Dua

Chief Product Leader, PwC US