PwC State of Compliance Survey, 2014

State of Compliance 2015: Moving beyond the baseline.

State of Compliance 2015: Moving beyond the baseline.
Discover the key insights compliance professionals can leverage to help gain a competitive edge.
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With risk and regulation increasing, and change accelerating, it’s harder than ever for companies to meet baseline compliance requirements. All business functions are being impacted by not only regulatory change but significant change to the competitive, political, and economic environment, but in our 2015 survey, we have seen only incremental change in the compliance function. According to PwC’s 18th Annual Global CEO survey, 54% of CEOs are entering or considering entering new sectors. Combine this with the 78% of CEOs that are concerned about the impact of regulation on their business and the time for the Chief Compliance Officer to elevate the profile of the compliance function is now. Compliance officers need to engage with leadership to minimize the impacts of regulatory pressures on the achievement of strategic goals. Among the key insights that emerged from our 2015 survey:

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