Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Technology Solutions

Increase business efficiency and reduce costs with GRC tools

Why PwC’s GRC technology solutions?

Increased demands of the regulatory environment require you to optimize risk management and compliance processes and control the costs of compliance to maximize efficiencies.

Businesses need to identify the right governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) technology tool(s) to support a framework providing process efficiency, improved data management and reporting. The success of your GRC program requires proper steps and procedures for:

  • selecting the right technology
  • implementing the selected tools
  • maintaining a sustainable operating model

PwC’s GRC technology solutions help you perform an initial assessment of the tools and technology needed, and then assists with implementing those to facilitate effective GRC activities. We help you promote the consolidation, coordination and reporting of the GRC activities throughout your organization.

A single platform to help you address the full GRC lifecycle

Businesses spend a fortune on redundant solutions for their governance, risk and compliance needs. PwC's Joe DeVita explains that a comprehensive approach can increase efficiency and reduce costs.


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How PwC GRC technology solutions can work for you

PwC works with you to identify a scalable application that enables your company to develop a holistic GRC tool implementation model.


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