Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program communication – not an optional activity

May 2017

Providing accurate, timely, and relevant communications is a critical component in building and sustaining a successful Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program. In fact, it is often the key differentiator in management’s perception and understanding of ERM value creation. We believe an ERM program communications plan should be part of an overall effort to support strategic decision making and positively impact behaviors and the overall risk culture. 

This article in the How to achieve excellent enterprise risk management series describes major considerations for the structuring of ERM program communications and the successful integration of risk management concepts into performance and strategy discussions.

About the How to achieve excellent enterprise risk management series

If you are looking for practical advice on how to develop your enterprise risk management (ERM) capabilities, then you will want to read and subscribe to our article series. This series focuses on continuous improvement to evolve organizations beyond the compliance-oriented initial risk assessment activities to enterprise-wide risk management that aligns to strategic priorities and enables performance.

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