Enterprise Insights

Identify and reduce business and compliance risks


Why Enterprise Insights?

Leaders today need insight into their systems to make informed decisions. A data and analytics approach to systems information can help achieve better outcomes.

Businesses are facing an increasing number of operational, financial, and reputational risks. Many of these risks are embedded within business processes and the systems that companies rely on to execute those processes. A lack of visibility or understanding of these processes—via system configurations, user access, transaction, and master data—can result in unidentified risks that can add cost to an enterprise or lead to potential compliance concerns.

PwC’s Enterprise Insights is a cross system analytics solution that helps companies assess risks within their enterprise system data. With a reporting portal and the ability to workflow results, this content rich monitoring platform provides one solution to support a data-driven approach to manage business process risks and controls. Enterprise Insights helps enable regulatory compliance with actionable responses to analytics results—giving executives precise insights into business risks.



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2017 SAP Pinnacle Awards Finalist

PwC has been selected as an SAP Pinnacle Awards 2017 Finalist in the ISV Partner of the Year category. The Pinnacle Awards is SAP's premier global partner recognition and awards program, showcasing the best and brightest partners in the SAP ecosystem. Out of the thousands of organizations across the broad partner ecosystem, only 36 achieved the status of being an SAP Pinnacle Awards finalist.


A single platform to manage business risk and compliance activities


How Enterprise Insights can work for you

By analyzing the accuracy of transactional data, and confirming system configurations and user access security, Enterprise Insights identifies critical areas within business processes and systems that can add cost and risk to a business.

The platform supports multiple enterprise systems, and offers purpose-built business process, transaction, system configuration, and user access analytics for SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, and Oracle Customer Care and Billing (CC&B), among others.

Command Center


A central repository of PwC’s leading practice risks and controls frameworks, controls testing, workflow, and integration to Enterprise Insights Analytics



Purpose-built transaction and master data analytics that span across multiple business processes, allowing organizations to monitor for erroneous activities in their enterprise system



Purpose-built security and segregation of duties analytics that extend across business processes, allowing organizations to evaluate gaps in user access within their enterprise system 



Purpose-built analytics that monitor configurations and setups within enterprise systems, comparing them against industry standard values

Enhanced Reporting


Pre-built visualization dashboards help organizations see detail, trends, and comparisons, and the ability to custom-build tailored dashboards for additional analytics is also offered



Research and Insights

Applying Enterprise Insights to the general ledger posting environment

Applying Enterprise Insights to the general ledger posting environment

PwC’s Enterprise Insights analytics enables organizations to perform an in-depth analysis of the GL posting environment that delineates some of the complex challenges associated with journal entry processes and controls, harnessing the in-memory processing power of SAP HANA that serves as the analytical foundation. It provides a deeper view and insights into the current state of the journal entry processes and controls, enabling better-informed decision making to drive ongoing process and controls improvement.

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