What Risk Assurance means within PwC

We look at your processes, policies, systems and controls with a fresh eye. Business processes, regulation, IT and other projects, internal audit, data integrity, third parties you work with. We cover it all. And as the majority of our 3,500 practitioners maintain certifications relevant to their areas of expertise, they focus on the details of your risks.

Creating effective risk management requires investment, but the potential payoff in sustainable profits and competitive advantage can be enormous.

Dean Simone
US, Asia-Pacific, and Americas Cluster Risk Assurance Leader
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Jason Pett, discusses the importance of leveraging all three lines of defense, including internal audit, to provide more opportunities for companies to be successful.

John Sabatini, discusses how increasingly crucial analytics and data are crucial for a business to remain competitive.

John Sabatini
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Brian Schwartz, discusses how risk management programs enable more insightful decision making allowing companies to be more competitive and with greater confidence.

Brian Schwartz
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Grant Waterfall, explains why risk-based decision making is ever-more important, and the right talent and tools are essential to make informed, timely decisions.

Grant Waterfall
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Todd Bialick, discusses opportunities where third party controls and vendor risk management can leverage disruptive technology to drive real business results.

Todd Bialick
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Seeing the whole picture

We never just check the box. And we don’t split risk up into separate compartments, because business doesn’t work like that. We bring together expertise in technology, finance, regulation and business processes. We use it to analyze what we see. And that means we help you see risk holistically so you can plan, forecast and make the informed decisions that keep your business on track.

In particular we’ll:
  • create risk controls, or strengthen the ones you’ve already got so they enhance your strategy and don’t hinder it
  • make sure you have the right systems to help you see risk clearly and assess the implications
  • see that you have the processes you need to report accurately and comply with regulations
  • give your internal auditors the skills to anticipate risk.
The result is that everything you do is clear and transparent. So you’ll be a business that investors, customers and partners can trust.