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Read what our practitioners have to say about managing risks.  Below you will find authored articles and quotes from our Risk Assurance specialists on topics including Internal Audit, Third Party Assurance, Process Assurance, IT & Project Assurance, and Performance Governance, Risk and Compliance.

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Robust Risk Management May Lift Margins
By Matthew Heller featuring Dean Simone
April 15, 2015
Driving faster decision
By Ken Tysiac featuring Jason Pett
Journal of Accountancy
April 13, 2015
Information security jobs unfilled as labor pains grow
By Alan Earls featuring Shawn Panson
April 1, 2015
Risk Management Careers For MBAs Swell As Boardrooms Home In On Hazards
By Seb Murray featuring Dean Simone
Business Because
March 29, 2015
Internal Audit Wrestles With Pace of Change, Survey Suggests
By Tammy Whitehouse featuring Jason Pett
Compliance Week
March 24, 2015
Internal audit may need a makeover
By Ken Tysiac featuring Jason Pett
Journal of Accountancy
March 16, 2015
Most Internal Auditors See Role Becoming More Strategic
By Matthew Heller featuring Jason Pett
CFO Magazine
March 16, 2015
CMOs Walk The Data Privacy Tightrope
By Samuel Greengard featuring Carolyn Holcomb
March 2, 2015
AT&T to Charge A Fee for Privacy: Could Other Telecoms Follow Suit?
By Scott Gamm featuring Jacky Wagner
The Street
February 21, 2015
Report: Strategic data analytics can reduce shrinkage
By Maria Korolov featuring Bill Titus
CSO Online
February 9, 2015
COSO: Internal control a challenge with outsourced providers
By Ken Tysiac featuring Jason Pett
Journal of Accountancy
February 6, 2015
Did companies do the right thing during the Juno blizzard?
By Timothy Pratt featuring Phil Samson
The Guardian
January 28, 2015
Online privacy and banks: Has anyone asked the Millennials?
By Haarun Dhubat featuring Jay Cline
Toronto Financial Post
January 23, 2015
10 Things Your Company Needs to Know About COSO 2013
By Sheryl Nance-Nash featuring Andrew Wallace
January 23, 2015
Lock Up Your Data
By Gene Rebeck featuring Jay Cline
Twin Cities Business
January 22, 2015
How Big Data Analytics Can Help Track Money Laundering
By Thor Olavsrud featuring Vikas Agarwal
January 19, 2015
Trade-Based Money Laundering Emerges as a Top Risk for Businesses
By Vikas Agarwal
Corporate Compliance Insights
January 15, 2015
Money laundering finds new home in trade finance arena
By Susan Kelly featuring John Sabatini
January 14, 2015