Integrated Compliance

PwC's Scott Peyton talks about how regulatory compliance needs to be verified on several levels of a business. Hear how consolidating controls can help.

Regulatory compliance must be demonstrated and verified at multiple levels of any large organization. These requirements typically come from several regulatory bodies but they are often asking the same questions. Consequently, your business can end up repeating the same compliance processes multiple times costing valuable time and a lot of money.

Drawing on a deep knowledge of process, controls and technology, PwC’s Integrated Compliance practice can help you consolidate controls across your entire organization and create a sustainable governance practice. This enables cost efficiencies and creates opportunities for a more effective operation.

One assessment of controls, not many.

When this happens your business is free to think about compliance beyond that which is compulsory. You can determine how you're doing against your own internal standards and stated objectives.

A strategic approach, rather than tactical.

PwC helps your business take the compliance conversation to the next level, and that level means greater efficiency, profitability and sustainability.