Business Continuity Management

PwC's Phil Samson discusses the importance of business continuity management and how PwC can help.

In an increasingly interconnected world, it’s imperative for businesses to rethink their contingency planning. Today, upheavals in Asia affect business in Europe; a European debt crisis will soon have North American ripples.

And when crisis strikes, it’s not enough for your company just to get back on its feet. You need long-term resiliency. Especially in today's environment when natural disasters and black swan events have become a common occurrence.

Maybe your company’s board is already asking questions like these:

  • Would we be ready to recover from the crisis events identified by management?
  • Can we count on our suppliers or geographically specific vendors to have a viable contingency plan that protects us?
  • Is our business continuity program effectively coordinated with how we manage enterprise risks?
  • Does our IT disaster recovery program align with our operational recovery and resiliency needs?
  • What improvements should we make to improve crisis-readiness?

PwC can help you get to the right answers. Our business continuity solutions combine industry sector, business process optimization, technology infrastructure, and risk and compliance experience.

This pragmatic cross-discipline approach has been deployed successfully with many clients. It works.

We’ll work with you to develop a customized, rapid-implementation resiliency program that prepares you to weather crises and emerge intact: a flexible solution that addresses vulnerabilities and reflects your strategic objectives and risk tolerance.