Business Continuity Management

PwC's Phil Samson discusses the importance of business continuity management and how PwC can help.

When crisis strikes, it’s not enough for your company just to get back on its feet. You need long-term resiliency.

In an increasingly interconnected world, it’s imperative for businesses to rethink their contingency planning. Transformed global business and operations strategies add new interruption risks to existing risk portfolios. Building resilient and recoverable operations is more difficult to implement when the storm is approaching and time is precious.

Perhaps your leadership and board members are already asking questions such as:

  • Would we be ready to recover from business interruption risk events publicly disclosed to our investors?
  • Can we count on our suppliers to have viable continuity plans that protect us in their time of crisis?
  • How well can our suppliers pivot to support us in our time of crisis?
  • Does our IT disaster recovery program support our operational recovery and resiliency requirements?

PwC’s approach to improving an organization’s resiliency and recoverability capabilities, harnesses the strength of our knowledge and industry experience, business process optimization, technology infrastructure improvement, and risk and compliance experience. Our pragmatic and time-tested methodology has successfully helped our clients to improve their resiliency, crisis response, and recoverability. Regardless of the maturity or where in the lifecycle of your continuity program currently is, PwC’s Performance Business Continuity Management Services will enhance the program’s strategic benefits.

PwC’s Performance Business Continuity Management Services relate to the process of identifying, preventing and preparing for events that may disrupt business activities and the plans needed to recover efficiently and effectively including:

  • Business continuity management program assessment
  • Business continuity management program implementation
  • Business continuity management program testing, maintenance, and training
  • Disaster recovery planning