Ken Fakler

Ken Fakler, Media and Advertising Assurance Services Leader

Media and Advertising Assurance Services

Ken Fakler is a New York-based managing director, leading PwC's Media and Advertising Assurance Services practice. Ken has over 25 years of experience in the advertising and marketing industries, and has extensive knowledge in providing assistance to advertisers in areas of advertiser/agency financial stewardship and related audit activities.

Prior to joining PwC, Ken was a partner at a global professional services organization and led their marketing risk services practice. In this role, Ken worked with clients that included top global and national advertisers across multiple industries, providing assurance and assistance related to their advertising and marketing activities. Ken's unique skill set includes strategic and operational compliance proficiency, as well as extensive knowledge related to process improvements, operational efficiencies, marketing/advertising cost reduction, agency contracts, vendor cost analysis, media/production systems and procedures, and the advertising fulfilment process. Prior to joining the global professional services organization, Ken was the vice president director of financial operations & systems development at a global marketing and communications company and was previously the director of internal audit at an advertising agency.

Ken has led many media and advertising projects and reviews, including one that resulted in a $20M cost reduction at a major global advertiser. In addition, Ken has helped many organizations reduce costs and increase transparency through provider consolidation, the implementation of compliance programs, contract compliance reviews, and media buying audits.

Ken earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from Boston University and his MBA from Northeastern University. Ken is currently a CPA (NY, NJ, MA) and is an active member of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Financial Management Committee. Ken co-authored "What Production Managers Need to Know about the Agency Contract" in Product Management Today and "Are You Tuned In? Advertiser/Agency Financial Stewardship & How Sarbanes-Oxley Fits In" in The Advertiser.