Megatrends driving the Retail and Consumer industry

What are the implications for organizations and industries–now and in the future? How can we shape and respond to these trends?


Demographic shifts

In combination with the migration of global spending power to emerging economies, the coming decade will also see explosive population growth in some countries and declines in others. These diverging trends will have far-reaching impacts, ranging from growing pressure on the supply of critical resources to sweeping changes in people’s goals and aspirations at a personal and social level.

Shifts in economic power

Some emerging economies that were growing rapidly are now in recession. Commodity prices have played a considerable role in sending these economies into reverse. Businesses that are investing, or already invested, in emerging economies will need to make a careful assessment of whether and, if so, how they should manage in these more volatile market conditions, where prospects look less certain today than they did even a few years ago.

Accelerating urbanization

Today, more than half the world’s population live in urban areas and almost all of the new growth will take place in lesser known medium-sized cities of developing countries. How cities evolve will be determined by the collective actions of city governments, people and businesses. It is critical to focus interventions not just on the 'smart city' but on the smart town and the smart village, enabling an interdependent ecosystem that counters rapid organization to the megacity.

Climate change and resource scarcity

As the world becomes more populous, urbanized and prosperous, demand for energy, food and water will rise. But the Earth has a finite amount of natural resources to satisfy this demand. Without significant global action, average temperatures are predicted to increase by more than two degrees Celsius, a threshold at which scientists believe significant and potentially irreversible environmental changes will occur.

Technological breakthroughs

The digital revolution has no boundaries or borders. It is changing behavior and expectations as much as the tools used to deliver new services and experiences. But many of the largest and leading organizations and businesses developed in an era of scarce, expensive and rigid technology. Delivering change for them is a complex proposition. Born digital businesses are change ready.


How PwC can help

PwC’s Retail and Consumer practice is a leading financial accounting, tax and advisory consulting business serving a broad spectrum of service, merchandising and manufacturing organizations. High-growth tech startups, food manufacturers and retail outlets are among countless clients that rely on our knowledge and customized solutions to succeed nationally or globally.

Let Retail and Consumer’s world-class capabilities help you define and achieve your goals. Connect with us today.


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